I offer a range of writing and editing services to businesses who want well-written, high quality material to give their marketing campaigns an edge.

What I offer you

I am an experienced marketing writer and strategist and one of my specialities is communicating relatively complex themes in plain terms that readers will find easier to understand. The primary benefit of my services is that your audience will better appreciate the value you offer them.

My experience includes –

  • articles published in top-tier web publications such as MarketingLand, Venturebeat, Inc and Business2Community;
  • blog posts for corporate blogs that highlight the marketing team’s awareness of the challenges facing their particular industry and the solutions they offer;
  • lead generation landing pages;
  • ebooks and long-form article series offering in-depth discussions about solutions, industry trends and other topics; and
  • copy for various forms of marketing collateral.

I write with SEO in mind as well as who the audience is and how best to reach them effectively.

Recent examples of my work

Unfortunately I can’t share all of my recent work here due to confidentiality restrictions. It’s a pity, it’s really good! Just read what some of the people I have worked with think about my work:

Paul is a skilled B2B writer. He’s highly knowledgable in the field of digital advertising and knows how to perform extremely thorough research in order to expand his expertise into additional verticals. When collaborating on content projects with him, I’ve found his prose to be consistently accurate and polished. You can find Ben on LinkedIn…

Ben Jacobson

I worked with Paul together in Imonomy’s marketing dept. Paul is a brilliant creative and technical content writer with a deep marketing understanding. He will be an asset for every company that will work with him. You can find Tom Blotman on LinkedIn here.

Tom Blotman

Paul is a great colleague – trustworthy, professional, and fun to work with. He is full of ideas and has significant experience in everything from writing to marketing to social media. Paul uses his tremendous knowledge of AdTech and the online marketing world both to provide valuable content for readers as well as drive strategy…

Zev Newman

Paul was a fellow facilitator at a POPI workshop that I attended in April 2014. I enjoyed Paul’s legal and technical insights into POPI. We were also able to converse about a number of ideas in information privacy, security and other topics during which I was similarly impressed with Paul’s understanding of technology and its…

Kamil Reddy

Who I work with

I work with smart and creative teams virtually anywhere. Even though I am based in Israel, I am happy to collaborate with clients anywhere in the world.

Contact me today. Let’s discuss how I can help you communicate your value to your audiences.

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