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My name is Paul Jacobson.

I am a bringer of happiness, writer, marketing strategist, and coder. I have more than 10 years’ experience writing, strategising, and providing support in technical industries. I write about complex themes in plain terms that audiences understand.


Here is a sampling of what collaborators, employers and customers have said about my work and my approach to my work over the years:

Paul is a skilled B2B writer. He’s highly knowledgable in the field of digital advertising and knows how to perform extremely thorough research in order to expand his expertise into additional verticals. When collaborating on content projects with him, I’ve found his prose to be consistently accurate and polished. You can find Ben on LinkedIn …

Ben Jacobson

I worked with Paul together in Imonomy’s marketing dept. Paul is a brilliant creative and technical content writer with a deep marketing understanding. He will be an asset for every company that will work with him. You can find Tom Blotman on LinkedIn here.

Tom Blotman

Paul is a great colleague – trustworthy, professional, and fun to work with. He is full of ideas and has significant experience in everything from writing to marketing to social media. Paul uses his tremendous knowledge of AdTech and the online marketing world both to provide valuable content for readers as well as drive strategy …

Zev Newman

Paul was a fellow facilitator at a POPI workshop that I attended in April 2014. I enjoyed Paul’s legal and technical insights into POPI. We were also able to converse about a number of ideas in information privacy, security and other topics during which I was similarly impressed with Paul’s understanding of technology and its …

Kamil Reddy

I have continual interaction with Paul across numerous social media networks and can attest to the fact that he is an unrivalled specialist in terms of legal issues arising out of the social Web and digital media. My colleague in Deloitte Legal Practice echoes my sentiments. You can find David Graham on LinkedIn here.

David Graham

Paul addressed the Legal Issues in relation to Social Network in a presentation held at our Social Network seminar March 2011. Paul, who is amongst a handful of serious Social Media experts in South Africa, covered many aspects, both from a legal point of view, but also considering corporate governance in a wider perspective. Paul …

Bjarke Gotfredsen

Paul has created the perfect terms and conditions for my photography business, based on the way that I run my business. He took the time to understand how I work, rather than just understanding the average photographer in the industry (which may not be as digitally oriented as I am). As a result, my contracts …

Jeanette Verster

Paul Jacobson is a very intelligent and outstanding new media specialist. Paul has appeared on Radio 702 advising listeners on new age privacy legislation and is a commendable writer on technology trends and industry related topics which are updated regularly on his blog http://pauljacobson.org/. Since my first engagement with Paul in 2009 I have enjoyed …

Olga-Jean Queen

I worked with Paul to supply some goodies for the Alt (un)Conference last year. Pleasure to work with, the kind of guy who gets things done..! You can find Mark Smith on LinkedIn here.

Mark Smith

I recently had the pleasure of working with Paul on some legal contracts I need drafted for Missing Link. Paul did a great job of adding value and pointing me in the right direction. Most importantly though, he dumbed it down to plain English for me (as opposed to Legalease), so I was clear on everything. …

Richard Mulholland

Paul has a gift for explaining complex legal ideas in a way that is both understandable and entertaining. He has thorough integrity and a lovely dry sense of humour too. (19 January 2009) When Paul speaks about open-licenses people are moved to action. He is always well-prepared, sincere, thorough and has a great sense of …

Dave Duarte

Paul is balanced, professional, thoughtful and fun. Paul held the organization together in essential ways and I feel very lucky to have had the opportunity to work with him. You can find Joi Ito on LinkedIn here.

Joi Ito

Paul Jacobson is an excellent lawyer, of remarkable integrity and creativity. You can find Ronaldo Lemos on LinkedIn here.

Ronaldo Lemos

It is always a pleasure to work with someone who is both professional and super efficient. It is thus more extraordinary working with someone who delivers service, not just once off, but consistently. Working with Paul is an absolute pleasure – his knowledge, integrity, dedication and professionalism makes him a remarkable business person. I will …

Beverley Merriman

Paul handled a matter for me in 2006 quickly and very efficiently. I have no hesitation in recommending his services. You can find Hugh Goble on LinkedIn here.

Hugh Goble

Paul helped me avoid a legal battle with another company and proved to be invaluable in this process. His professionalism in dealing with me as a client is outstanding and I would highly recommend him to anyone. You can find Justin Hartman on LinkedIn here.

Justin Hartman
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