October 2013 – November 2014 is a popular South African tech news site. I contributed a number of articles on tech-related policy themes.

  1. South African Netflix users aren’t legit, they’re just ‘paying pirates’
  2. The Draft National IP Policy undermines FOSS
  3. Could the iPhone 5s’ fingerprint reader be used for legal contracts?
  4. When law becomes code and we become sheep
  5. Will South Africa’s spam bubble go POP-I?
  6. Look a VC’s gift horse in the mouth, but be aware it could bite
  7. OPINION: File sharing may boost the content industry
  8. 5 signs the contract you are reading is utter rubbish
  9. Privacy starts when you take responsibility for it
  10. PRIVACY SPECIAL: 5 ways you can better secure your data
  11. Are we sleepwalking to a surveillance state?
  12. Dropbox, privacy and business: what the new T&Cs reveal
  13. British surveillance analysts know what you did last summer
  14. Want to watch Oscar TV? Sorry, you’ll have to pay for an upgrade
  15. When can journalists use your Facebook photos in their articles?
  16. Facebook, Foursquare and embracing our Surveilled World
  17. How the USB drive is ending your right to privacy
  18. EU search results censorship is about our irresponsibility with data, not Google’s
  19. SANRAL’s destructive strategy shrouded in secrecy
  20. OPINION: Much ado about Facebook Messenger privacy settings, but is it nothing?
  21. Time to show Microsoft Office the door and move to the cloud?
  22. Nudity, privacy and Apple’s tardy security
  23. Axxess customers can now get Netflix and Hulu – but are they breaking the law?
  24. Is Ello the answer to Facebook privacy concerns, or is there another Path?
  25. Should Google Street View blur cleavage now too?

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