MarkLives contributions

November 2012 – December 2015

I contributed to a legal/tech column on MarkLives and wrote about a number of tech- and policy-related legal themes:

  1. Tech Law: Content piracy and a panicked industry
  2. Tech Law: Changing privacy norms
  3. Tech Law: Media insight — What changes to Facebook’s governance structure mean for users
  4. Tech Law: Media myths about the new Instagram Terms of Use
  5. Tech Law: Social media insight — Randi Zuckerberg and contextual privacy
  6. Tech Law: Is WHATSAPP violating your privacy rights?
  7. Tech Law: SA law advances dealing with social Web issues in Facebook defamation ruling
  8. Tech Law: Who owns your social media account when you resign?
  9. Tech Law: Your Oscar Pistorius conjecture could get you sued
  10. Tech Law: Processing, personal information and direct marketing under POPI
  11. Tech Law: NSA spying negates attorney-client privilege
  12. Tech Law: Is your marketing strategy diabetic?
  13. Tech Law: ANN7 sings the Streisand Effect blues
  14. Tech Law: Yes, you can be sued for sharing a defamatory Facebook post or tweet
  15. Tech Law: How POPI will change your direct marketing activities
  16. Tech Law: Digital strategists’ glaring blindspot
  17. Tech Law: How you sell for Facebook and Google
  18. Tech Law: What the tobacco ad ban can teach the liquor industry
  19. Tech Law: Free is the death of the open web
  20. Tech Law: Privacy — what do you expect?
  21. Tech Law: Publicity vs privacy — if you’re a marketer, you won’t like this column
  22. Tech Law: Digital marketing should focus on trust, not sales
  23. Tech Law: The FPB’s absurd plans to regulate the internet
  24. Tech Law: Marketers should reconsider targeted online ads
  25. Tech Law: How much do you Like your colleagues?
  26. Tech Law: Has Facebook found the balance between targeted ads and privacy?
  27. Tech Law: The murky world of audience-data based marketing
  28. Tech Law: It’s not April Fools’ Day — it’s the FPB
  29. Motive: How the blockchain could revolutionise your next contract
  30. Motive: Advertisers use the Force — five top Star Wars ads – reprinted with permission from imonomy

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