Miscellaneous writing examples

In addition to articles and other content that I have written and published on various platforms outlined in my portfolio, I have a collection of writing examples that I wrote as assignments from time to time.

These assignments are typically given to me when I apply to companies for positions at those companies. I have collated these writing examples in a GitHub repository that I created for this purpose. The repo is titled “Writing Portfolio Supplement“.

I have explained the background to each writing example at the beginning of each item. I have also replaced the name of the company concerned with a fictional name unless the brand name is necessary to make sense of the writing example.

These are the writing examples currently in the repo:


Guest articles

I have written a number of guest articles on external sites as part of our broader marketing initiatives. These guest articles are typically about marketing, content and advertising themes.

The Drum

July 2016 – present

I wrote a sponsored article for Imonomy titled “Publishers are the New Revenue Alchemists” which examines the interconnected relationships between publishers, advertisers and consumers as stakeholders in the paid content industry.


January 2016 – present

I also contribute articles to Business2Community as a guest author.

Social Media Today

June 2015 – present

I began contributing to Social Media Today as a guest author.

AdPushup Blog

November 2015 – present

Imonomy Interactive blog contributions

January 2015 – August 2016, April 2017 – Present (freelance)

I was the lead content writer and contributed numerous articles to the Imonomy Interactive blog as part of my employment as a Content Marketing Specialist. Since April 2017, I have assisted Imonomy on a freelance basis with articles for the Imonomy blog.

Imonomy is an Israeli in-image advertising technology provider that services publishers, advertisers and advertising networks. The team is growing rapidly and, as of January 2016, Imonomy has expanded from its base in Tel Aviv to New York and the Ukraine.

My writing is focused on content marketing, content strategy, community engagement and online advertising trends. I tend to focus on engagement strategies and, more recently, I have been fascinated by ad blocking and its impact on the online publishing and advertising industries, in particular.

Recent articles:

Web•Tech•Law blog

December 2005 – January 2015

The Web•Tech•Law blog is blog about the intersection of the Web, technology and the law. Its articles are primarily about social media- and technology-related legal themes and I wrote them over the course of several years as part of my business’ primary marketing effort.

My marketing was almost entirely conducted through blog posts with insights into the legal and policy aspects of social, digital and technology developments and trends. These posts were promoted online through Web•Tech•Law’s Twitter profile and, to a lesser degree, on Facebook and LinkedIn.

MarkLives contributions

November 2012 – December 2015

I contributed to a legal/tech column on MarkLives and wrote about a number of tech- and policy-related legal themes:

  1. Tech Law: Content piracy and a panicked industry
  2. Tech Law: Changing privacy norms
  3. Tech Law: Media insight — What changes to Facebook’s governance structure mean for users
  4. Tech Law: Media myths about the new Instagram Terms of Use
  5. Tech Law: Social media insight — Randi Zuckerberg and contextual privacy
  6. Tech Law: Is WHATSAPP violating your privacy rights?
  7. Tech Law: SA law advances dealing with social Web issues in Facebook defamation ruling
  8. Tech Law: Who owns your social media account when you resign?
  9. Tech Law: Your Oscar Pistorius conjecture could get you sued
  10. Tech Law: Processing, personal information and direct marketing under POPI
  11. Tech Law: NSA spying negates attorney-client privilege
  12. Tech Law: Is your marketing strategy diabetic?
  13. Tech Law: ANN7 sings the Streisand Effect blues
  14. Tech Law: Yes, you can be sued for sharing a defamatory Facebook post or tweet
  15. Tech Law: How POPI will change your direct marketing activities
  16. Tech Law: Digital strategists’ glaring blindspot
  17. Tech Law: How you sell for Facebook and Google
  18. Tech Law: What the tobacco ad ban can teach the liquor industry
  19. Tech Law: Free is the death of the open web
  20. Tech Law: Privacy — what do you expect?
  21. Tech Law: Publicity vs privacy — if you’re a marketer, you won’t like this column
  22. Tech Law: Digital marketing should focus on trust, not sales
  23. Tech Law: The FPB’s absurd plans to regulate the internet
  24. Tech Law: Marketers should reconsider targeted online ads
  25. Tech Law: How much do you Like your colleagues?
  26. Tech Law: Has Facebook found the balance between targeted ads and privacy?
  27. Tech Law: The murky world of audience-data based marketing
  28. Tech Law: It’s not April Fools’ Day — it’s the FPB
  29. Motive: How the blockchain could revolutionise your next contract
  30. Motive: Advertisers use the Force — five top Star Wars ads – reprinted with permission from imonomy

htxt.africa contributions

October 2013 – November 2014

htxt.africa is a popular South African tech news site. I contributed a number of articles on tech-related policy themes.

  1. South African Netflix users aren’t legit, they’re just ‘paying pirates’
  2. The Draft National IP Policy undermines FOSS
  3. Could the iPhone 5s’ fingerprint reader be used for legal contracts?
  4. When law becomes code and we become sheep
  5. Will South Africa’s spam bubble go POP-I?
  6. Look a VC’s gift horse in the mouth, but be aware it could bite
  7. OPINION: File sharing may boost the content industry
  8. 5 signs the contract you are reading is utter rubbish
  9. Privacy starts when you take responsibility for it
  10. PRIVACY SPECIAL: 5 ways you can better secure your data
  11. Are we sleepwalking to a surveillance state?
  12. Dropbox, privacy and business: what the new T&Cs reveal
  13. British surveillance analysts know what you did last summer
  14. Want to watch Oscar TV? Sorry, you’ll have to pay for an upgrade
  15. When can journalists use your Facebook photos in their articles?
  16. Facebook, Foursquare and embracing our Surveilled World
  17. How the USB drive is ending your right to privacy
  18. EU search results censorship is about our irresponsibility with data, not Google’s
  19. SANRAL’s destructive strategy shrouded in secrecy
  20. OPINION: Much ado about Facebook Messenger privacy settings, but is it nothing?
  21. Time to show Microsoft Office the door and move to the cloud?
  22. Nudity, privacy and Apple’s tardy security
  23. Axxess customers can now get Netflix and Hulu – but are they breaking the law?
  24. Is Ello the answer to Facebook privacy concerns, or is there another Path?
  25. Should Google Street View blur cleavage now too?